Bright Minds is a brain child of educationist honorary Leader Mr.Govinda Ram Sesama and his son visionary technocrat Mr. Mahaveer Prasad Sesama who have always been involved in social improvement by imparting meaningful education and social activities. Mr.Govinda Ram Sesama has feathers in his cap of establishing 10+2 Schools, B.Ed College, College and B.A B.Ed (4 years integrated courses) college. He has always been engaged in spreading education in society since 1999 keeping in mind that Indian culture and tradition could be kept alive. He regularly unfolds an extensive pool of knowledge and experience that has been very powerful well-versed in the dynamics of facilitative and participative management.

Mr. Govinda Ram Sesama has the credit of upbringing the concept and framework of “Bright Minds” and introduced “Bright Minds…a school with Indian Tradition” in the month of July 2001. His admirable son Mr. Mahaveer Prasad Sesama carried his chariot to the next level and introduced the new era of education and founded Bright Minds Education Pvt. Ltd on 12th of November 2010. He started with a learning center and distributing franchise for K-12 Schools. Hereafter 12th of November becomes our incorporation day and this day onward has been celebrating foundation day of Bright Minds.

"Our motto is to establish a learning institution in society that can yield easily approachable education with the help of a local desirable individual or firm. Its low revenue sharing model encourages the individual or firm to grow in stress free environment."

Our Startup Year

Formed, Bright Minds Education Private Limited. Very soon started company owned Preschool in Jaipur.


Celebrated 3rd Foundation Year

Completed 2nd franchise year journey by crossing 09 Preschools and 02 Schools milestones.


Celebrated 5th Foundation Year

Enlarging Bright Minds family by joining 34 Preschools & 04 Schools associates.


Celebrated 7th Foundation Year

Creating waves of Brightees with 74 Preschool & 08 School across PAN India.


Start Franchising

Started franchising with 03 Preschools & 01 School.


Celebrated 4th Foundation Year

Marching ahead with enthusiastic journey accompanying 18 Preschools & 02 Schools family members.


Celebrated 6th Foundation Year

Accelerating the momentum breezly accompanying 52 Preschools & 07 Schools members.


Celebrated 8th Foundation Year

Marching ahead to new milestone

Nurtured Children