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The franchisee of Bright Minds has given the opportunity for the students of Central India i.e. Madhya Pradesh to learn and grow with Indian Traditions. With its first ever presence at Sagar (M.P.), Bright Minds Maanya Pre School is on the roll. The school is being run by a renowned Educationist family. The School has an area of around 4000 sq. ft which is modified as per the standards of the Bright Mind Standard. Facilities like Live Child Tracking, Clean Water, Spacious Classes and Friendly environment are some of the basics of this school. Admissions for the New Session are open now!!!!

Features in Bright Minds sagar

Unique Teaching Methodology

Bright Minds Follow Child Psychology based teaching methodology where teachers involve kids in learning after their behavioral assessment and improvement. Kids are allowed to feel at home environment with maternal care and affection.

Activity Based Learning

Activity i.e. involvement of kids in playing mode, helps them to learn fastly. It also helps them from coming out of home attachment. It boosts involvement process in non-formal situation where they can focus on learning and instruction following habit.

Environmental Awareness

Bright Minds have Nature theme in its curriculum where they learn about our different seasons i.e. different faces of Nature. Kids have to know about their surrounding so that they can take precaution as well as take full enjoy.

Admission Procedure

Bright Minds understands the value of precious time of parents and hence strive to make the entire admission procedure smooth and hassle-free. Parents just need to co-operate with the school management through providing attested and original photocopies of following necessary documents:
Documents required for admission
        1. Birth certificate of child
        2. Domicile certificate
        3. Income certificate
        4. Residence proof (any of the following) :
                    a. Ration card
                    b. Domicile certificate of child or his/her parents.
                    c. Voter card of any of the parents.
                    d. Electricity bill/telephone bill/water bill/Passport
                         with the name of parents.
         5. Two passport size photographs of he/she child.
         6. One passport size photo of both father and mother.

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Old Battalion Road, Ahead of Vidyapuram, Makronia Sagar(Madhya Pradesh).

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