Franchise FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the tenure of the contract between the Franchisee and BrightMinds? What happens thereafter?

    The initial tenure of the contract is 3 years. Under normal circumstances, subject to satisfactory performance of the Preschool, the contract will be renewed for next 2/3/5 years with additional payment of 25000 INR/year + GST respectively.
  • What are the additional charges involved in setting up the franchise?

    Apart from the franchise fee & setup cost payable to BrightMinds additional expenses are as follows:
    • 1. Cost of transportation of Material from our warehouse to your location. Transportation is by road. You can obtain the tariff for hiring a Tata 407 from warehouse to your Pre-School from any transporter.
    • 2. Doing up the interiors and making it fit for a preschool. The cost for this will depend on the present condition of the property.
    • 3. Cost of local level marketing such as pamphlet distribution, banners and hoardings.
  • What are the school timings?

    BrightMinds runs the Playgroup and Nursery in 2 batches, from 8 am-10.30 am and 10.30 am-1.00pm. The Jr. KG and Sr. KG are run in 1 batch only, between 8 am to 1pm. The franchisee can make an adjustment in the timings based on local conditions and seasons.
  • Who selects the teachers? Does BrightMinds have any selection criteria?

    The teachers and maids are selected by the franchisee. Franchise decide their remuneration. They are paid as per the city standards and it also depends on their qualification and experience. Teachers should have basic qualification of 10+2. Maids do not need to have any qualification.
  • What is the Teacher-Student ratio to be maintained?

    The recommended teacher student ratio is between 1:10 and 1:16.
  • When does BrightMinds trained the teachers?

    Once you have hired the teachers, BrightMinds will send a representative to your Pre-School for orientation program. There is also a call-in number whereby you can call to get any curriculum related query resolved.
  • Who decides the fee structure?

    The fee structure is jointly decided by discussions between the franchisee and BrightMinds. It depends on the paying capacity of parents in the neighborhood, fees charged by competition and facilities offered by the Pre-School.
  • Who collects the fees from the parents? How does the franchisee get the money?

    The franchisee collects the fees from the parents and deposits it in their bank account. Bright Minds share as royalty and support charges from franchise is applicable as per agreement.
  • Does the franchisee need to provide food to the children?

    BrightMinds does not promote food at any of our Pre-Schools. Parents are best suited to know their own child’s taste and meal preferences. Your teachers and maids will help the child to eat. But local authority can take decision under the circumstances.
  • How many children can be accommodated in a class?

    A normal class can accommodate up to 20 children with 2 teachers. This can vary upwards or downwards depending on the size of the classroom.
  • Is any approval required from any education board or municipal authority for running the preschool?

    Approval is required form Local Municipal Authority for running a learing center/preschool. In most of cities, a “Shops and Establishment” certificate from the Municipality will suffice and it also varies State to State.
  • What is a good time to start the Pre-School?

    It is always a good time to start a Preschool. In preschools, admissions happen throughout the year. Also, earlier a Pre-School becomes operational, more the number of parents who become aware of it.
  • Does the franchisee need to own the premise?

    No The preschool can be conducted from a leased premise as well. Please note that the lease contract with the landlord should have a minimum lock in period of 3 years.
  • Does BrightMinds allow the franchisee to conduct other activities in the premises after preschool hours?

    The franchisee is free to conduct any activity after close of preschool hours. Please bear in mind that the equipment should not get damaged while choosing the activity to conduct and also have to share information in this regards to Head Office.
  • Will Bright Minds Education help in Recruitment & training of teachers / staff & how?

    Teacher / staff play a very important role at Bright Minds. Hence importance is given to their selection process as well. Bright Minds Education does help in recruiting them. Regular training programs are conducted for the teachers. These training programs are conducted at a common location / a premise which helps staff learn good practices from teachers of other preschools. Our team of academic coordinators also conducts the counsellor’s training program in the same manner so that the parents get the standard information from all the preschools.
  • What Support can we expect from Bright Minds Education Pvt. Ltd.?

    Bright Minds Education has always believed that support at every level should be given to the partners to ensure their success. It begins from the assistance in proper premises identification, assisting you designs your school according to Bright Minds standards, helping you in recruitment & training of staff, launch of school & scheduling of batches. We do have our National campaigns along with web campaigns planned to promote the brand. Regional teams also plan the campaign for the region & execute them. We organise training programs for the business partner also which helps in proper understanding of every aspect of preschool business.
  • Does Bright Minds Education Pvt. Ltd. guarantee admissions?

    No, Bright Minds Education does not guarantee in admissions. The admissions at the location of preschool are dependent on factors like infrastructure, behavior of the counselor, staff, and implementation of curriculum (provided by Bright Minds Education) at the center along with the conversion of the enquiries generated with the help of brand and yourself. Bright Minds Education does help promote the school by providing marketing collaterals at minimal cost. The responsibility of utilizing these collaterals, generating the enquiries & conversion of the enquiries to admission lies with the administrator/counsellor of the center.
  • How much time does it take for the Preschool to become operational?

    If the place is ready for possession, a Preschool taken any thing between 30-60 days to become operational.