These are some important point that we need to care to run a play school successfully:


Child Friendly InfrastructureChild friendly infrastructure:

Parent usually search such Playschools where interiors are full of tale theme, child’s oriented attractive furniture, caring and clean environment so that their kids can easily get involved. They also look for open space with full of play equipment.


Well Trained Teaching StaffWell trained teaching staff:

Teachers for Play school should be well trained as per small aged kids teaching methodology. It is a suggestion for the play school owner to keep those teachers only who loves to spend some good hours with kids. They should be caring nature, have education enough to write their feelings in English that will help them to write periodic information in students day book. If teachers are not trained then Play School owners should organize training for those who are going to stay at least one year with you. Disinterested individuals can create problems and will affect negative impact on the tiny minds.


Standard CurriculumStandard curriculum:

You must have the best available Curriculum fulfilling current scenario. It takes time, hard work and complete knowledge of the subject as well as latest pedagogical practices, assessment patterns and learning styles to design an excellent curriculum.


Regular Health CheckupRegular health check-up:

Ensure that you have adequate health checkup provision at your play school. Train your staff to identify kids who may have been suffering from symptoms of seasonal or other disease. Particularly during rainy season you have to take good care in identifying sick kids. Provide a yearly check-up for kids, just to ensure the health of the kids.


Safe EnvironmentSafe environment:

Safety is a major concern in a play school. Play School has to ensure following things……

  • Safe learning environment: Play School has to ensure that the learning and teaching material used in class or play is safe to use and being used by safe hands.
  • Behavioural safety:  between kids and teachers along with helping staff.
  • Handling Precaution: During bearing in and fetching out from the school, management should hand over the kids to parents safely or to transportation personnel safely.



Every parent wants to hear words alike their kids are doing well. So keep on encouraging parents. Always keep asking them some advice or suggestion from Parents regarding their kids and their likes and dislikes. Encourage your staff and teacher to promote gift tradition on the occasion of Teachers Day, Birthday Celebration, and National Day Celebration etc.


Parent Teacher EngagementParent’s teacher engagement:

Let the teachers meet the parent’s everyday if parents need. Otherwise keeps a parent teacher meeting once in a month. If the parents want to meet the administrative staff or Principal Door should be open for it. That interaction will be very beneficial for improvement of play school.


Digital & Social PresenceDigital & social presence:

Now-a-days each parent seeks online help before they decide a playschool or middle school for their children. So have a well-managed website of your play school. Keep updating about events. Many play schools are seen having websites but the website data become stale due to lack of updates. Emails are not read or answered. But you can get the best of advice from the parents. And keep in mind to answer complains regularly.


Events & CelebrationsOrganize events:

Organize fun events among kids, teachers and parents. Commemorate important days. This will help kids to become aware of our tradition & culture. Annual function, Sports Day, Pool day(Water Day) and many other events can be organized so that we can connect with parents and kids.



Sanitation is one of the most important spaces in a school that could have come to the top slot of this list. We must have open, clean, spacious washroom. As it is said that Cleanliness is the only medicine of all the diseases. There must be proper arrangement for clean drinking water also.


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