Playschool Franchise is a very profitable Business, if it goes with Proper Planning & Implementation you can reach at some extraordinary heights that have never been reached before. Franchising has emerged as A Most Successful model to expand in Playschool education. Playschool education comprises a major chunk of education business in India today.

The set-up cost of play school is totally dependent upon the area, location, building condition, furniture and fixture, thematic wall painting, play toys and equipment. Last but not least totally all depends upon your budget, you want to invest in. The franchise would cost you from approximate 2 lakhs – 15 lakhs depending on these various factors.


Area and locationArea & Location:

It affects your investment pocket in a big way. If you choose big spacious bungalow in a well flourished area in your city your investment budget will be increased. If this selected area is unknown for you, again you will need to put comparably more money in advertisement and marketing.


Setup InfrastructureInfrastructure – Building layout & Renovation:

Interior and exterior building’s physical status may cause adverse affect on your pocket. Rejuvenation cost depends up on the wall and floor’s damaged condition. If some cracks are found on the wall of interior or exterior of building, that will need repairing, putty and distempering which cost an amount that would be addition on your investment bucket.


Furniture and FixturesFurniture & Fixture:

Furniture and Fixture cost depends upon the Kid’s sitting furniture quantity, cutouts, important fixture like Marker board, Notice board, Activity supportive materials etc. If you go for 40 kid’s sitting furniture set then it will cost you lesser than 60/ 100 kid’s furniture set up.


Interior and wall designInterior and Wall Paint:

Thematic wall painting cost varies as per used wall area. It varies from 60K to 2 Lac.  You can balance your painted wall in two segments. You use some wall area for art painting while others for simple brush painting. By this way you can shorten your investment.


Marketing and AdvertisementMarketing & Advertisement:

The most important point of our list is marketing, because marketing is the only thing from which you will make your presence in the market and it will also cost you.



Marketing can be done by the professionals or you can plan it yourself.

There are many things that can be done in the marketing. You can distribute pamphlets in Newspaper, or even you can advertise the opening of your school in local Newspaper. You can place hoarding near by the school. You can hire some people to visit place where kids often go around like parks, amusement park, ice-cream parlors etc.

Don’t forget the social media marketing, it is the most effective marketing now a days, in this you can run Google ads, Facebook ads, twitter ads and many other social networking sites ads from which you can generate business. All these things will affect your playschool setup cost and you have to manage your budget accordingly.



- nawab "27-02-2019"

I am 23 years old girl , I wanted to setup my preschool under your guidance with less investment .

- ritika arora "31-03-2019"

Hi Iam divya I completed my graduation and I want to start a playschool with the Help of you. Will you please guide me

- Dande Divya "03-11-2020"

HI my name is suraj vishwakarma and i have completed my bachelor of engineering and i want to start playschool with BrightMinds

- suraj vishwakarma "05-02-2021"

Hi ... I am a graduate student and I take private tutions at home .....would like to start a small play school ...please guide me

- Vanitha Bangera "29-09-2021"

Hi i wanted to start play school below 5 Years like (those parents employee Kids) kindly give me suggestions how to start and what is the Infrastructure, Total Budget.

- Raghuram "18-08-2022"

Hi I would like to open a playschool, will you please guide us

- Supraja "29-08-2022"

I want open play school I want know about investment ideas and franchisee information

- Sindhuja "27-03-2023"

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