Every One Wants to run a successful business and running a business from Home is a great decision, but choosing a Home based business is very difficult.

You have to consider what business you want to choose, will it get success or not. How much time it is going to take, how much area it will require, what will be your budget, what license and permission you have to take to start the business, how will you market your business, who will help you to open your business etc… There are so many factors you have to consider.

Starting a Play School Franchise in India is one the best business idea in today’s scenario. It is very easy to start Play school from home. You have also seen Play school running near your home. All over the country people are becoming more and more aware of the need and advantages of elementary education. Also with Indian parents now being better-off, working and more aware of the world they want the best for their kids. So if you love being around with kids a Play School is the perfect and most profitable way to start your entrepreneurial journey. Here it can also be noted that as per many studies and surveys just after food & beverages, the most flourishing franchise business in India is perhaps Education.

There are many well- known Play School brands and names like Brightminds in India who offer franchise all across the country. Let’s have a look at the basic steps involved in starting a play school franchise in India.


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