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There are many businesses in today’s world, but one of the best fields in the market that can give maximum returns is education. Today, parents are very concerned about their kids’ education, right from the beginning. This has given an impetus to the Playschools in India. Therefore, this arena poses great scope for this business success. Let us look at some of the major reasons to invest in Playschool franchises in India.


Start Business with low investmentStart business with low investment:

This is quite a small investment for any business that one can plan to start up. An Investment of amount approximately 2 Lac would be sufficient to make start.The Playschool franchise market allows you to invest according to your budget. There are different levels of investment to suit your needs. You could start with a basic start-up also, if your budget is a little on the lower side.


Women Friendly EntrepreneurshipWomen-friendly entrepreneurship:

Although women work in almost all the sectors today, having kids around is always a plus point. Women love kids and Kids also love their presence. The stress levels in teaching small kids are less as both the teacher and the student enjoy each other.


Respect from communityRespect from community:

Respect is everything in this world”and this is a business where it’s all about respect. Here every one in the society will treat you as valuable personality. “Education is a Noble Business”.



Less space required to start own businessLess Space required to start own business:

For a decent play school franchise, the minimum area requirement is quite less. So, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money in buying a large space.



Good returns in nominal investmentGood returns in Nominal Investment:

The education sector is predicted to grow exponentially in the upcoming decade. In such a circumstances, a play school franchise guarantees higher returns on investment.



Convenient working hoursConvenient Working hours:

In a Playschool, you have the benefit of enjoying convenient working hours. By investing only 5-6 hours a day, you can get good returns.



Franchisor Support


Association with a national brandAssociation with a National Brand:

Getting linked to a national recognized brand of Playschool would boost your business definitely. It will boost your confidence even before the opening of Playschool. You will get to work and teach students with the tested curriculum and procedures.


academic and curriculum supportAcademic & Curriculum Support:

Franchise provides you the best available Curriculum present according to current scenario. It takes time, hard work and complete knowledge of the subject as well as latest pedagogical practices, assessment patterns and learning styles to design an excellent curriculum which are already prepared by the franchise itself.


Day to day operation and marketing supportDay to day operation and Marketing Support:

Franchisor will provide and help you in day to day operational support and implementation. They also provide Web based ERP support. They will also help you in social media marketing & technical know-how.


Scope of expansionScope of expansion:

For Playschool and such education related franchises, the scope for future expansion is too high. You can extend your school even upto Senior Secondary.


Will like to about the basic investment , infrastructure , material required to start a playschool

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In low investment, material,play goods,required to start a playschool

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