Preschool business opportunities:

As the years go development in living standard of people is rapidly changing. Shops are being replaced by Big Mall, cinemas are replaced by Multiplex theaters, family becoming nuclear centric all these made people to think their kids to be educated in a reputed and good infra made educational institution. Parental unavailability in home due to their job schedule also compelled them to think over such option where they can keep their kids in a safe and learning institution. These situations impacted them a lot to search good early education institution.  An outcome of market research shows more than 15 Crore small aged kids market are present now a day. Data shows only 13.5% of small aged kids could be approached till 2017. So there are more than 80% area are unfulfilled. Research says it is targeted that before 2022, market could approached 27% of these untouched area. Thus there is very big market where Preschool segment can be introduced. This opportunity can lead many people to become an entrepreneur by investing low investment. Developing cities categorized as Tier II & Tier III are having more opportunities of preschool business.

Preschool Business Challenges


Preschool Business Challenges:

An opportunity comes with certain challenges. Opening a preschool in India means introducing activity based teaching methodology in front of those people who favor traditional teaching methodology. So these situations become challenges.

Typically Tier II and Tier III cities population do not aware about early education. Due to lack of this awareness they avoid to visit such institution. Making people aware should be taken into priority basis. It is seen that mostly parents give importance to traditional teaching methodology only they do not understand play way method of teaching. It creates hectic situation in front of preschool owners and teacher what to answer such question. Once the preschool starts running, Preschool owners forget the quality education, they start focusing on numbers of students only. So standard of education should also be kept in mind that can affect business. It is also found that there is lack of co-ordination and communication between teachers and parents. It reflects growth and improvement of Kids. Parents should share allotted time with Teachers; it will help parents and teachers both to understand the small kid’s behaviour, better communicative language and problem solving nature.


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