1) Opportunity to extend up to next level with the same name

Franchise will have the opportunity to expand his dream of vertical movement from Preschool to 10+2 Level experience of ownership, continuing with the Same Brand. It will reduce the cost of repeated marketing for new wing. Parents could have better mental satisfaction level.

2) Long Term Stability

Bright minds negligible revenue sharing facilitates the center to get long term stability. Bright Minds take only 500 INR per student per year as enrollment charge that is very nominal.

3) Affordable fee structure focusing education to all

Bright Minds provides you to design the fee structure as per local affordable parental paying capacity. This allows you to reach every corner of the society that enables you to get speedy recovery of your investment and success.

4)Free lead generation Campaign & local marketing Designs

Bright Minds provide you complete guidance for making local lead generation and give unlimited Banner Designs at NO extra cost.

5) Free Training, no limitation of number of teachers and frequency

Bright Minds does not charge any cost for providing training to teachers and center Management. It does not set limitation to numbers of teachers and frequency in a year comparative to others Brand Competitors.

6) Availability of Furniture-fixture, Play & teaching equipments and study materials @ affordable price

Bright Minds provides all the materials be it Kid’s sitting furniture, play & teaching equipments or Montessori puzzle set.

7) Dedicated Key Manager for Operational support

Bright Minds provides FMIS portal where you can maintain all school records at the finger tips and can communicate to Parents as well as H.O through that portal only. It reduces the record keeping hassle at NO extra cost comparative to others Brand.

8) Intellectual Property

An “intellectual asset” is an investment in brands, design, technology or creative works. The laws that protect the value of such assets are known collectively as intellectual property. Bright Minds has very strong IP asset that very few Brand competitors have their ability.

Sir.. Now I have own 3000 sq ft place with 6 digital Class room +Office +computer lab+2 Toilet+ Bathroom and playground also Now I wish to franchise with minimum franchise fees Plz inform me how much minimum franchise fee

- Vishal B wabale "15-02-2019"
Investment starts from 3 lakhs onward...


In required school building how many Classrooms are required .which size of Classroom and computer lab are required.

- Bhupesh kumar "29-05-2019"

Tell me details to open pre school.how I can develop it ?How you help me?

- Sudhir Kumar verma "07-10-2019"
We help you to develop the infrastructure as per standard and we also support how to operate preschool successfully.


New education -new generation

- Rajkumar Pathak "06-10-2020"

Hello Myself pratham Dharmadhikari, from Pune i want join your course. How to join this cource please guide me.

- Pratham Dharmadhikari "13-02-2022"

I wanted to join my kid Sai shri Harshini 9 years of old

- Sai shri Harshini "26-04-2022"

I have 7 rooms size of 12x12 sq.ft gr. Floor and 12x15sq.ft mazenine Floor. Is it possible to run a pre primary school supported by bright minds.

- Nimchand Chouhan "15-08-2022"

Please contact me

- Priyambada shukla "22-03-2023"

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