Admission FAQ

Preschool Admission FAQs


Q. How will I know my child is ready for preschool?
Ans. Children must have turned two years old to start preschool. They should be able to go to the toilet themselves and be able to manage the day without a nap. It may be difficult to see if your child is ready for the new adventure of starting preschool but we will work with you to support them to enjoy their preschool day.


Q. What will happen if my child finds it hard when I leave?
Ans. All children can sometimes find it hard to separate from a parent. Sometimes this is at the beginning of their time at preschool and for others it is at various times in the year. We acknowledge the child's feelings and help them make that transition from their time with you, to their time at preschool. We will talk directly with your child about their experience and the choices they can make about their day. We will also keep communicating with you about your child's experience and how we can work together. We encourage you to phone the school later in the day if you are concerned about how your child may be doing and we will regularly check in with you about their experiences.


Q. What does my child need to bring to preschool?
Ans. Your child needs to bring:


Q. Do you teach literacy and numeracy in preschool?
Ans. The activities of the year are guided by the children's interests and there is always writing, reading and numbers in our activities as well as science concepts, music, the arts and physical education – often all in one morning! We regularly read with the children, talk together and have a language-rich environment with writing, counting, measuring as part of our daily activities.

Q. Aren’t the lessons too long? Don’t the children lose interest?
Ans. They really don’t. At the start of each lesson they are taught a subject, following which they are eager to get started with the construction so that they can play with the final product. When the lesson is over, most don’t even realize how much time has passed.

Q. Is there a sleep or rest time?
Ans. We encourage the children to follow their own needs during the day, being active and resting as they feel the need. There are no set sleep times or beds for sleeping and most children won't need this during the day. However, there are cozy cubbies, soft cushions and a couch and a weary child will always find a place to curl up or a lap to sit in for a story.

Q. How do we transition into preschool? What will this be like for my child?
Ans. Preschool is an opportunity for children to develop and experience the joy of their independence. For a few children preschool is their first experience in a group setting away from their parents. We acknowledge that this process can be a big challenge and a little scary for parents as well as children. We will work with you on the best way to step out and allow your child to make connections with others and have a smooth transition to preschool. Children benefit most from preschool when they are able to feel that they belong and have trusting, nurturing relationships with our preschool teachers and fellow little people.


Q. If my child starts school mid-year, won't he miss important learning?
Ans. No! Each child is allowed to learn and progress at their own pace.

Q. Is it OK to bring toys from home?
Ans. Children are asked not to bring toys from home into Preschool because


Q. Why should I choose Bright Minds for my child?
Ans. At Bright Minds, love is the basis of our philosophy and here a child learns to start and enjoy learning with tender, loving care. We prepare our children with life skills to ensure holistic development that includes:
   Physical And Motor Development, Language Development, Socio-Emotional Development, Aesthetic Development, Cognitive Development, Sensorial Development


Q. What is the right age to send a child to preschool?
Ans. Most experts say 2 years is the right age. He/she can demonstrate amazing physical skills, think logically, manage simple tasks independently, speak few words or short sentences & happily stay apart from you for longer periods.

Q. Does my child need to be toilet trained before he joins the preschool?
Ans. Yes, a Child should be toilet trained if not so the school also takes care of it by  following a routine wherein a child is taken to the washroom when he reaches the school, before mealtime, after mealtime and when he is leaving in afternoon. Slowly and gradually the child falls into this pattern and starts informing the teachers and maid.

Q. What events or occasions are celebrated at bright minds?
Ans. We believe in making our little geniuses 'Think Big'. Hence, each moment is celebrated with so as to provide opportunities to these aspiring tiny tots to enjoy each every occasion and occasionally perform before large audiences and give moments of pride to parents such as
Annual Day, Sports day, Summer camp, Grandparents' Day, Mothers' Day, Parents' Day, National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, etc., Festivals Celebration.


Q. What is the quality/background of teachers that we have?
Ans. Experienced and loving teachers are our biggest strength. The carefully selected staff is trained regularly about latest developments on early childhood education, child psychology by experts. Besides possessing good communication skills, they are also specially trained to groom little children.


Q. What is the structure of the day?
Ans. A generalized schedule is:
Free play with theme-relevant toys and puzzles, Attendance and welcome songs, Theme-relevant lesson, Theme-relevant craft, Music or movement, Snacks, Theme-relevant craft, Goodbye songs and dismissal.


Q. Are children of all ages (2 - 6 years old) grouped together?
Ans. No. Children are separated into appropriate mixed-age groups (2 - 4 years old and 4 - 6 years old).

Q. How many children and teachers are in each camp?
Ans. Depending on the age group, we will enroll up to 15 children in each class. There is 1:10 PTR in each class.


Q. Do the children go outside?
Ans. No. In order to promote safety and avert sunburns/dehydration/overheating, we keep the children inside.


Q. Do you offer any discounted rates?
Ans. Yes. A 10% sibling discount applies for concurrent camp enrollment, with a limit of one per family. Additionally, a 10% discount applies to annual tuition fee payment.

Q. Are you a part of a chain or national center or school?
Ans. Yes, we are a Franchise of Bright Minds Education Private Limited, a company of Jaipur (Raj.) based that is passionate about education and has been involved with it for over 7 years.

Q. Is this an academic based program?
Ans. Yes, our curriculum is based on Early Childhood Care Education for young children. All activities are age appropriate. Learning objectives are set for each student according to individual needs. Bright Minds promotes fulfillment of each child’s potential while striving for excellence.

Q. Will my child be challenged?
Ans. Yes. We create a challenging and enriching environment for learning where traditional and contemporary styles of teaching are carefully integrated. Your child will be challenged in all developmental areas and teachers will keep record of your child's achievements. All his or her learning will be fun and exciting as our program is based on a high quality play approach.

Q. Do you do field trips?
Ans. Yes, they are offered to all children three years and older. You will receive the field trip schedule in advance so you can know when each trip will take place for your child's individual class.

Q. Could I celebrate my child's birthday at the school?
Ans. Your child's birthday is a very special time for us and we enjoy celebrating it with his or her classmates every month. It is also a great moment for parents to visit the school and interact with their child and the rest of the class. Plan to come in and read a story to the class, share something special that you do, play a game with them, or do any other activity that you find special. Some parents enjoy making a contribution by purchasing a book for the class library in honor of their child’s birthday. If you choose to do this, please inscribe the book donated and have the “birthday child” talk about it. Food items that are easy for children to handle may be brought in. Hard candy, small games that come apart, and other items in party bags can be hazardous to small children.

Q. Do you need a uniform?
Ans. Yes, there is a mandatory school uniform: Navy blue t-shirt and Parrot Green t-shirt with the school logo and respective colored stripped pants. Children are required to wear the school uniform at all time. Please understand children need to be in comfortable clothes, appropriate for both indoor and outdoor activities. Children must keep a complete change of clothing on hand at school for spills and other emergencies. Extra school t-shirts can be purchased at the office.