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KINDERGARTEN2 | BrightSenior
The goal of Kindergarten is to help children segue smoothly into Grade One and to improve their chances of success in school and beyond. Our Kindergarten program consists of a balance of exploration or investigation, guided instruction, and inquisitive sessions. Children need many opportunities to explore and investigate. These experiences allow children to build on their existing knowledge, create and clarify their own new understandings, and experience a variety of approaches to a problem or question to foster a well-rounded child.
Age: 4.6 - 5.6 years     
Timing: 41/2 hours program  
Method: A blend of play-way and Montessori      
Content: English | Mathematics | Environmental Studies | Value Education | World around Us | Hindi (introduction) | General Knowledge | Celebration of festivals etc. The child is introduced to one new concept or theme every month.       
Aim: Preparing for formal education. Reading, writing and math readiness. Build the child’s inter personal skills. Enhance social, language, cognitive, emotional, creative and aesthetic development. Developing self independence and self esteem of child.