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KINDERGARTEN1 | BrightJunior
The goal of Kindergarten is to help children segue smoothly into Grade One and to improve their chances of success in school and beyond. Our Kindergarten program consists of a balance of exploration or investigation, guided instruction, and inquisitive sessions. Children need many opportunities to explore and investigate. These experiences allow children to build on their existing knowledge, create and clarify their own new understandings, and experience a variety of approaches to a problem or question to foster a well-rounded child.
Age: 3.6 - 4.6 years             
Timing: 41/2 hours program 
Method: Play-way and Montessori combined. Skills developed in this period at school are:
Sight Reading | Writing upper case letters of the alphabet | Writing number 1-10 | Number value | General Knowledge | Value Education | Science experiment | Social skills | Creative expression | Cognitive skills | Language                
Activities: Field trips | Water Play (Pool day) | Fancy dress | Celebration of all festivals | Sports day | Annual Day | Grandparents’ day | Father’s day             
Aim: Preparing the child for reading, writing and mathematics