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Life at Bright Minds is based on a collective commitment towards academic excellence, intellectual growth, sportsmanship, community service, art & craft, athletics and superior standards of moral awareness. It is no exaggeration to say school’s curriculum add on to the depth to life of every student. As far as Bright Minds is concerned, it believes in ensuring overall development of a child’s personality through taking care of its various dimensions that include physical, social and intellectual. This educational institute offers voluntary extracurricular activities that facilitate students to explore their personal interests in depth. Let us have a glance on various extra-curricular activities:
Overview of extra-curricular activities
Music is truly a great stress buster. Here at Bright Minds, students can learn about playing different kinds of instruments and can learn diverse kinds of rhythm. Those children, who are gifted with a great voice, can avail training that is offered by expert vocalists. In addition to that, availability of wide range of music instruments also play important role in developing interest among children.
Dancing is another great art. Dancing is fun and it beats stress in an effective manner. Bright Minds provides training in different kinds of dance forms. Whether, one is born with a dancing talent or one desire to learn this art, this school takes great interest in nurturing an art of dancing.
Arts & Crafts
Bright Minds recognizes the inclination of students towards arts and crafts. In order to nurture artistic skills, special classes are organized on Fridays. Art means to experience freedom and unleashing creativity. Children are encouraged to use glue, glitter, paint, colorful papers, and accessories, without any restriction. Art projects are also assigned to students in order to keep their interest intact in art and craft. Various qualified and highly creative art teachers play important role in unleashing talents of students.