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Besides committing to academic excellence, Bright Minds also commits towards ensuring all-round development of children. It is equally committed to provide complete support to the children, who are inclined towards games and sports. Its excellent games and sports curriculum encourage students to try different sports and games and encourage them to participate in it. This school recruits experienced physical trainers by exercising thorough recruitment process. Variety of games equipments cater to the diverse interests of the students. This school does not merely understand the importance of well-planned sports curriculum, but it ensures participation of maximum number of students in sports-related activity. 
Bright Minds gives prime importance to sports and games curriculum
Enhanced social skills: As it has been said earlier, that engagement in sports not only ensures physical well-being, but it also contributes towards enhancing social skills. There are few sports that allow a child to develop few major qualities like leadership, teamwork, co-operation, strategic thinking, learning to deal with failure, etc.
Improved physical health: Sports play crucial role in physical health of a child. Children, who participate in sports actively, are not prone to obesity, heart disease, blood pressure. On the contrary, children who do not actively participate in sports are prone to such diseases. Thus, it becomes imperative for school curriculum to include range of physical activities, in order to cater to the diverse interests of children.
Enhanced mental and emotional well-being: Sports Curriculum designed by school’s management not only serve sole motive related to enhancing physical well-being. It serves multiple motives. These motives include enhancing social skills of a child, improving confidence, self-esteem and stamina. These days, children prefer to spend more time with range of digital devices and this tendency makes them inactive and sluggish. On the contrary, if they develop interest towards sports, they experience enhanced stamina, concentration, agility, balance and coordination. Sports also help them to reduce anxiety, depression and stress levels.